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GM 6.5 engine

GM 6.5 engine Are you interested in purchasing a GM 6.5 engine? Bostic Motors sells the highest quality 6.5L diesel engines in the industry. If you’re in the market and want to learn more, visit

If you’re looking for a solution to the high costs of diesel fuel and the ever increasing cost of new diesel trucks, consider what a new GM 6.5 engine could do for your budget. Offering the highest fuel economy rate, even higher than that of the GM Duramax and the Ford 7.3, 6.0 and 6.4 liter engines, you’ll find it to be a smart investment. Fuel economy is only one of the main benefits, however- the improvements to the new 6.5 engines come with greatly enhanced durability and reliability.

Exactly what sets the GM 6.5 engine apart from the rest of the crowd? We’re glad you asked. Bostic Motors can save you money and offer you the highest quality product on the market today because they don’t cut corners. They take great pride in their products and are willing to stand behind every engine with a warranty. Experts at Bostic Motors aren’t just interested in selling you a motor; they also want to offer their extensive knowledge, before, during and in the event of ownership.

Visit to see their GM 6.5 engine options available for all of your applications, including: C/K Series Pickups and Suburbans, Civilian H-1 or military HMMWV, Vans, Buses and Motorhomes.

For pickup trucks and suburbans, you’ll find the Improved Longblock engine using new, improved and redesigned block and heads to be one of the top sellers at Bostic Motors. A long block is always the best choice when there is nothing wrong with your existing fuel system or turbo. You can transfer your parts and save money.

The Optimizer remanufactured drop-in GM 6.5 engine using genuine 2004+ AM General/GEP improved block and heads and a remanufactured fuel system/turbo is an exceptional choice and features improved block, head and castings. It includes remanufactured Turbo, injection pump, injectors, exhaust and intake manifolds and a new water pump; another top seller at

You’ll also find remanufactured turbo and non-turbo longblocks using OEM GM castings at unbelievable prices. Shop the products page for full gasket sets, fast-start glow plugs, block castings, PMDs, high performance oil pumps for the 6.2 and the 6.5, side mount turbos, valve covers, heavy cast brass block heaters, and more.

Now you can take advantage of all of GM and AM General’s most recent 6.5 engine updates at a much more affordable price than any dealer can offer you. Engines at Bostic Motors are assembled using only all new, redesigned block and heads that eliminate the cracking issues of previous castings. Design improvements and re-engineering make cracking for block and heads a thing of the past.

You’ll find more information on the GM 6.5 engine available at For additional information, call a specialist from Bostic Motors at 828-453-7779.

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