Courtesy Check

Butler’s performs a courtesy check on all vehicles seen for maintenance or repair work. During the courtesy check we go over your vehicle’s major systems. The check is designed to help detect damage and wear needing to be addressed on your vehicle. This will prevent small issues from becoming costly problems.

Here are the items we cover during our courtesy check of your vehicle:

  • Maintenance
    We check the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, to make sure you haven’t missed any important preventative maintenance.
  • Lighting: headlights, brake lights, turn signals 
    We visually inspect all of your vehicle’s external lights to make sure everything is working properly. Ensuring your lights are properly working doesn’t just keep you safe, it can prevent you from getting a ticket as well!
  • Under the Hood: Batteries, cables, filters, belts, and hoses
    There’s a lot going on under your engine’s hood! We check for wear and tear, leaks, and any other signs of damage or potential issues.
  • Fluids: Oil, Transmission, Brake, Radiator
    Your car requires a variety of fluids to keep it running smoothly and prevent damage. We check to make sure all of your fluid levels are adequate, and check the condition of the fluids to see if they need to be replaced.
  • Brake System: Pads, rotors, drums, hoses, cylinders
    There are a lot of components to your car’s braking system. We check to make sure nothing is worn or damaged. We can also help you determine when you might need to replace brake components, so you can plan ahead!
  • Drive Shafts / CV Boots: Your car’s Drive Shaft and CV Joints are how power gets from the engine/transmission to the wheels. The CV Boots are packed with grease and help protect the CV Joints from water, dirt, and other debris. We check for rust, leaks, wear, or damage that might effect your Drive Shaft and CV Boots.
  • Suspension: Your car’s suspension is a system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect your car to the wheels. We’ll check your shocks, struts, and steering systems to make sure your car is safe and comfortable.
  • Exhaust System: Your car’s exhaust system directs burnt and toxic gases away from the engine and passengers, and also helps alleviate the amount of noise created by the engine. We check your muffler and exhaust pipe for leaks, rattling, and loose fittings.
  • Tires: Getting a flat tire is frustrating and time consuming. We check your tire pressure to make sure your tires are properly inflated. We also check tired depth and wear patterns. Your tires should be rotated at regular intervals to distribute the wear between the tires, making the tires last longer.

All of these checks can help prevent surprises down the road.

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